In 1581 Matthew Cleland was birthed from a bog, somewhere in the rolling hills of
Southern Alberta. Adopted and raised by a coyote pack, he carried their wandering spirit as he travelled aimlessly in search of a peaceful home. Settled now on a 13-acre farm in Pemberton, British Columbia, he spends his days crafting glass sculptures, gardening, and playing with his his new canine brother, Finn. In true hermit fashion, he works alone, tirelessly perfecting his soldering skills.

All Score + Solder pieces are handmade to order within one to three days and available for shipping anywhere around the globe. By default all International orders are shipped express, (6 business days). Please let my know if you would like a cheaper shipping option, international surface parcel, (6-8 weeks).

Feel free to contact me about any questions, collaborations or custom work.